LifeStyled by Vaz, crafted by Jordan Vaz, a proud Colorado native, is a haven for women on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Through an array of content covering self-care, local women-owned businesses, and culinary experiences, the blog fosters a supportive community dedicated to nurturing confidence and authenticity.

Rooted in the belief that life is enriched by meaningful relationships—with oneself and others—LifeStyled by Vaz serves as a guiding compass towards becoming the most secure, confident, and beautiful version of oneself.

Jordan Vaz is a powerhouse at the intersection of beauty, business, and culinary delight. Not only is she the esteemed manager of More Than Curly, Denver’s premier all-natural salon, and the savvy owner of a digital marketing venture, but Jordan is also a prominent figure in the city’s vibrant dining scene. With her finger on the pulse of Denver’s culinary landscape, Jordan brings her passion for exceptional experiences to every aspect of her life and work, inspiring others to savor the richness of life and embrace their true selves.

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Hey! As a 27-year-old and freelance content creator, I have seen social media change drastically over the years. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about social media, is the importance of engagement over everything. I create both my own and UGC content that goes beyond selling by connecting directly with the target audience. If our missions align, I would be honored to collaborate with you!

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