Hormone Free Birth Control

It’s time to be done with the awful side effects of the pill, IUDs, and foreign objects that don’t belong in your body. Hormone free birth control is an option I wish I was presented with a looonngg time ago – and no, “don’t have sex” is not an acceptable form of birth control (sorry lol). Allow me to introduce you to an app that not only gives you control of your reproductive health but also requires very little effort!

Natural Cycles

So I know that the thought of not using a contraceptive can be really scary when you’re actively trying to not get pregnant, but there are actually birth control methods you can use that don’t require a pill or a foreign object being embedded in your body!

For the longest time I had this very fearful mentality around sex and pregnancy due to the articles that would populate every time I googled “can you get pregnant at the end of your period?”, “can you get pregnant on your period?”, “what happens if you don’t use a condom but you still pull out – will I get pregnant?”

If you were ever a teenager you know exactly what I’m talking about 😅

Soon after graduating college I learned about Natural Cycles, this informative little system that allows you to monitor your body’s cycle and fertility windows by simply taking your temperature every day.

How it works

When you download the app and register they send you a thermometer. Every morning, the moment you wake up, you put the thermometer in your mouth, take your temp, and plug it into the app.

💡Did you know your temperature fluctuates throughout your cycle?

Similar to other period tracking apps, Natural Cycles has a calendar that will show you the days you’re predicted to be menstruating and ovulating, as well as your red and green days (aka DON’T have unprotected sex versus go nuts! days) – no pun intended haha The picture below is for pure example, everyone’s calendars will look differently based on their data.

Hormone Free Birth Control, Natural Cycles

Subscription Information

There are two payment plan options, monthly and yearly. If you have insurance, it’s covered girl, you can find those details here, under the FAQ: Can I Buy Natural Cycles using my FSA or HSA?

If you don’t have insurance, the yearly plan is $89.99/year. Now before you freak out, yes, this subscription costs money just like any other form of birth control does. The difference is your money is going towards the operation of a company that prioritizes safer and healthier methods for women to take control of their reproductive health versus some big pharmaceutical company whose priority is making money 👀

And either way I have a discount code for you, so don’t even worry girl 💁🏾‍♀️

Fun Facts

  1. Natural Cycles is the only FDA-cleared birth control app
  2. Natural Cycles is the brainchild of a woman named Elina Berglund who is a particle physicist and researcher
  3. Natural Cycles offers resources for women in all phases of life: not ready or interested in pregnancy, birth planning, postpartum, infertility complications, menopause – you name it!
  4. The app is based on science and data, which means that the more data you enter the more you will learn about your cycle.
  5. The subscription cost is FSA and HSA eligible – the details can be found here
  6. The app is backed by astrophysicists, doctors, therapists, and people from many prestigious fields who provide a wealth of information on reproductive health, mental health, sex & pleasure, and more!

Final Thoughts

You deserve to be in control of your reproductive health without sacrificing your mental wellness or risking an infection or something else scary from an IUD. I love this app, I think you will too!

If you’re anything like me and you’re concerned about dealing with all of the PMS symptoms that will intensify without hormonal birth control, there are hormone free remedies out there that I am happy to share with you in future posts! In the meantime check out Elix Healing (use code JORDANV20 for 20% off).

While Natural Cycles can feel like your own personal pocket gyno, I encourage you to see a doctor for anything that you feel needs medical attention. As someone who has tried Flo and the Apple period tracking features, Natural Cycles blows everything out of the water and as a result, I have comfortably used hormone free birth control for almost 5 years now!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you already know I gotchu with a discount! Click this link and you’ll receive 20% off of your subscription 🙂



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