El Jefe

Authentic. Mexican. Deliciousness. Talk about a business that not only serves AMAZING food but also upholds beautiful values. Whether you’re stopping in for Happy Hour or making a rezzy for Brunch, you absolutely need to try El Jefe. This post is focused on their Brunch experience but I highly recommend making a visit during Happy Hour and Dinner as well!

Let’s Talk Brunch

My favorite dish on the menu is the Stuffed Plantain French Toast. I’m really not a big banana/plantain gal, but the way that these plantains complement the dulce de leche topped French Toast is worth every single bite! It’s not too sweet, the portion is perfect – highly recommend 🙌🏾

Another great choice is their Breakfast Burrito – it’s simply delicious. Not only is the presentation gorgeous, but they have mastered the balancing act of ingredient distribution – the eggs, potatoes, chorizo, and cheese are well distributed in every bite.

Time to get Litty

One thing about El Jefe, they know how to do bottomless mimosas okay?! They don’t play that 50/50 champagne to juice ratio game, no, these beautiful people give you a drop of juice with your glass of champagne – and by that I literally mean the servers will walk around with bottles of champagne and refill your glass and ask if you would like to add juice 💀

For the first round they’ll bring you a normal mimosa, but after that it’s game over lol

Final Thoughts

A large part of why I love this place so much is because the people are kind and the food is well sourced. This company stands by using every part of the pig to create their dishes, wasting none of it. They also make all of their tortillas in-house – YUM.

The next time you’re looking for a place with an energetic vibe, AUTHENTIC Mexican food, and refreshing cocktails, pop into El Jefe – you won’t be disappointed!



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