Best Coffee Shops in Denver: Hudson Hill

I’m cutting straight to the chase here – this is the place where all your hopes and dreams will come true! Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic, but seriously you will not be disappointed! The vibe is equally zen and artsy. It is the perfect place for productivity during the day and a casually sensual date at night. Hudson Hill has everything from light delicious snacks, to aromatic coffees and specialty cocktails – literally the best combo. The best part is this greatness is offered all day long (aka shameless wine sippin’ before noon is a thing). Allow me to introduce you to one of the best coffee shops in Denver!

The Best Coffee Shop Food

Best coffee shop food in Denver

It’s easy to forget that Hudson Hill is a coffee shop and not a full-blown restaurant! The food options are so dang good you’ll wish there were entrees available to order. When I’m decently hungry, my favorite thing to order is the Veggie Breakfast Burrito. It’s small enough to keep you from feeling bloaty but hearty enough to hold you over until your next real meal! If you’re looking for a cute little charcuterie moment, Hudson Hill offers a tasty burrata plate with crackers and jam. If you’re feeling adventurous and snacky; the pickled okra is absolutely phenomenal and pairs so well with the Bloody Mary! Now let’s get into these drank options!

Must Try Drinks

To be honest, I am not big on Bloody Marys, but the one at Hudson Hill literally changed my tastebuds – 10 out of mf 10 guys! My number one favorite drink to order is the Dalgona Whipped Coffee – giiiirrrrlllllll…..WHEN I TELL YOU this drink SLAAAPPSSS!!! My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it, it’s so freakin good.

Those who know me know that I have a pretty sensitive tummy and coffee tends to give me bubble guts. I love this coffee so much because the whipped coffee sits on top of your milk of choice. When you mix it all together, not only does it taste AMAZING, but it also digests well without making you feel gassy like an iced coffee can. If you’re not so much a coffee girly, the menu has many great options from Chai to Topo Chico (I take mine with tequila and lime)! Hudson Hill also offers a nice selection of wine, beer, and classic cocktails. Do you see why this is one of the best coffee shops in Denver?


While this post simply can’t do Hudson Hill justice, I hope that you walk away feeling inspired and excited to visit this joint! I give Hudson Hill a 10/10 for the overall vibe, the food and drinks, and the perfect environment to either crank out some work or catch up with a friend over drinks. As a Colorado native, Hudson Hill qualifies as one of if not THE best coffee shop in Denver. If you treat yourself or someone else to this marvelous experience, tag me on Instagram and I would love to hear about your experience! Cheers!

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