Denver girlies, may we prioritize our well-being, support each other’s dreams, and celebrate new connections with food and wine.

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Hey Denver Girl 👋🏾 I believe that a balanced and happy life stems from a healthy relationship with oneself and the people around you. Let’s better ourselves, become our ~own~ sugar dadddies, and make some local friends along the way ❤️

But first, Let’s EAT!

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Brunch to Happy Hour, Downtown to the Burbs, First Date to 4-Year Anniversary – I have the place for you! Skip the Yelp reviews and take it from a native who has the manager’s personal contact ✔️

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Hey girl, I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 Denver is smaller than you think; I hope that this blog brings more of us powerhouse women together through our talents, connections, and efforts to make Denver a better place to thrive!

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salmon benedict

Salmon Avocado Toast

You know that I’m not really a person who cooks… I prefer to make easy and delicious meals with the least amount of effort possible – unless I’m baking. That said, I have come up with some very basic yet extremely satisfying little meals fully sponsored by my dear friend Trader Joe! Today’s meal is…

Conditioners for Natural Hair

Conditioners for Natural Hair Pt. 1

The hardest thing about living in a dry state is finding products that not only make your hair look good but also keep it MOISTURIZED. Curly girlies, at More Than Curly Salon we have done the hard work for you and I am happy to share with you what we have found to be the…

Hormone free birth control

Hormone Free Birth Control

It’s time to be done with the awful side effects of the pill, IUDs, and foreign objects that don’t belong in your body. Hormone free birth control is an option I wish I was presented with a looonngg time ago – and no, “don’t have sex” is not an acceptable form of birth control (sorry…